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Significant features of our boat shrinks wrapping services

Boat shrink wrap system makes use of a plastic covering, normally crafted from PVC, Polyolefin or polyethylene. The plastic covering will be wrapped around an object to shield it from moisture, dirt and other hazards relating travel or storage.

The plastic covering is heated to conform to the shape of the thing. Shrink wrap systems may be very small and inexpensive, employed by a home business person. Boat shrink wrap kit a motor boat presents exceptional difficulties.

A boat is large and cannot be fit Shrink Wrap also known as Shrink layer is a polyethylene material used by boat builders. Shrink wrap dealers and owners who need to protect boats during transport and storage can get our assistance.

Shrink wrapping is an economical and reliable method for storing and protecting boats, recreational vehicles, outdoor furniture and equipment from dirt, dust, rain, snow and other destructive elements. Our shrink wrap material may be completely recycled.

boat shrink winterization

Boat shrink to fit covers and marine shrink wrap

boat shrink wrap

Our boat shrink wrapping services are easy to learn and low cost way to cover boats in all sizes. The benefits of protecting boats during delivery or storage are immediately obvious. Boat coat shrink wrap is a specially designed marine grade plastic cover which is draped over and heat shrunk tight against the boat. A tarpaulin, shrink wrap fits drum tight so it can't shake around and destroy its robustness. The sheets of shrink wrap can easily be joined mutually. There are no restrictions to the size or shape of boat that can be sheltered. We always prefer best materials for wrapping ships. Shrink wrapping is a commercial service that complements other marine activities including vaulting storage, boat sales, maintenance and servicing.

boat shrink wrap

To establish a shrink wrap service requires only a small capital investment which is quickly return. We work with installers in worldwide countries. We gain from the understanding is a local contact who knows the customers or potential customers in their area. We offer in return is a top quality product, available from stock at a great price instruction and support when you begin and ongoing support as you take on different work. Boat coat supply direct to the marine trade. Our typical customer care support is for all the boat builders, boat dealers and brokers too. We also work for boatyard, marinas and companies who are in need of protection or vaulting services.

Easy fitting boat shrink wrap for any type of boats

Combining the ease of fitting a typical boat cover with the outstanding fit of shrink wrap. Boat coats shrinkable fabric covers can be fitted within few minutes. Shrinkable fabric is a unique alternative for predictable shrink wrap. With a shrink cover outer layer and a non abrasive, fabric inner layer, it virtually eliminates assurance claims on boat finishes. It is an ideal solution for boat manufactures the boat cover can be fitted quickly and easily at the industrial unit. Stock inventory is easily maintained as there is simply one per boat and no wastage. The boat cover can be removed and a complete assessment of the boat can be carried out by our experts before putting the cover back on for the customer and they will get at least two winter seasons storage out of it.